神戸が聖地と呼ばれるBMX FLATLAND

BMXとは、Bicycle Motocross(バイシクルモトクロス)の略で、20インチホイールを持つ競技用自転車、または、それに乗って行う競技のことです。 競技には【レース=速さを競うもの】と【フリースタイル=技を競うもの】の2種類があり、今大会の競技種目「FLATLAND」は、フリースタイルの1種。

BMX FLATLAND “世界No.1”を決める大会

BMX FLATLANDでは、毎年年間チャンピオンを決めるための世界サーキット戦「BMX FLATLAND WORLD CIRCUIT」(BFWC)が開催されています。
そして、このBFWC最終戦・年間王者を決める大会として、2013年10月、FLATLANDの聖地・神戸で誕生したのが「FLAT ARK」です。



スポーツ界はもちろん、多くのメディアからも注目が集まるこの大会をオーガナイズした人物、それが地元・神戸出身のBMXプロライダーであり、3年連続で世界チャンピオンに君臨する “内野 洋平” です。

それが、「ライダーによるライダーのためのコンテスト」 というもの。
そこには、神戸出身である彼の、「BMX FLATLANDの聖地からシーンを盛り上げていきたい」という強い想いが込められています。

内野 洋平
出身地: 兵庫県 生年月日: 1982.09.12 / 33歳 血液型: O型
身長: 176.0cm 体重: 62.0kg ライディング歴: 17年



Kobe, Japan, the Holy Land of BMX FLATLAND.

BMX, which is short for Bicycle Motocross, is a cycle sport performed on BMX bikes with 20-inch wheels either in competitive BMX racing style, which focuses on speed, or BMX Freestyle, which focuses on performances doing tricks and stunts. BMX Flatland, focuses on the second category, BMX Freestyle. As the name suggests, on a flat ground with limited space, the participant moves along slowly, balancing him/herself while pulling out various kinds of tricks. On both sides of the wheel, there are 4 pegs in where the rider can place his feet. While placing his/her feet on the pegs, the rider rubs the tire soles to the ground, holds the handle and seat in different kinds of positions to perform some of the most difficult and out of this world tricks.
In Japan, year after year, the attention and popularity for this street sport grows bigger and bigger, creating many fans whom love and do the sport, and also generating the World’s No.1 Champion from Japan.

The tournament that determines
the " BMX FLATLAND World’s No.1"

BMX FLATLAND holds the series, "BMX FLATLAND WORLD CIRCUIT" (BFWC), which is a world circuit that determines the annual year champion. BFWC started from 2007, in which 40 to 50 riders from approximately 15 countries participated to determine the annual champion. Here in Kobe, the holy land of BMX Flatland, the tournament “FLATARK” was created to determine the annual year’s final champion for BFWC.


Contest for the riders, created by the riders.

Renowned in the world of sports, and whom also gathers attention from various media, Yohei Uchino, a BMX Flatland professional rider from Kobe and also the world champion for three consecutive years, organized the tournament FLATARK. One of the aspects behind "FLATARK" becoming a major contest ia that it features the concept “contest for the riders, created by the riders”.
This concept solely focuses to creating an environment (from the competition stage, sound, lighting, spectator stand, judge, MC, battle format, to the amount of battle time) in where the rider(s) can be at his/her best performance. It also aims to grab the hearts of the audience and give them the excitement that they have never experienced.
Furthermore, behind the concept also lies Yohei Uchino’s wish to liven up the scene of BMX FLATLAND from holy land, Kobe. With this, each coming year, the scale and the quality of the venues, the rider’s overall performances and all other aspects in FLATARK have been growing.

Yohei Uchino aka “Ucchie”
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan | Born: 1982.09.12, 33y/o | Blood Type: O | Height/Weight: 176.0cm / 62.0kg

FLAT ARK goes beyond the top of the world.